Back to Life


I’ve spread my wings, I’m lost in flight,

and through a limpid sky I soar.

And, far away, I see a light …

the purest white deep in its core.


Weightless I feel … so free, so strong …

a sensation that’s so surreal;

it’s in this place I now belong …

the past now’s thrown to the unreal.


The more I fly towards what’s bright,

the more I’m feeling the longing.

My hearing has now joined my sight …

from it there’s someone who’s calling.


“Is it you, Mum?!  Is it you, Dad?!”

I turn into a child again.

So many things were left unsaid …

“Wait for me … I’ve caught the right train!”


Alas … now what’s this distancing?

Why is the light moving away?

What’s this force that my flight’s straining

and why I’m not allowed to stay?!


I turn my gaze.  Not far from me,

an unearthly thing’s getting near.

I can’t believe what my eyes see …

a firebird, for me so dear!


The creature to me’s coming close,

its ardent flames it’s unleashing;

its majestic elegance glows,

its supreme splendour it’s reaching.


And now I wonder why it stopped,

at a distance not so remote.

With curiosity my fear’s topped;

a sensation I can’t demote.


The bird is staring back at me;

it is starting to change its shape.

A male figure … it couldn’t be!

I cannot help but watch and gape!


An angel’s right in front of me,

but I’ve never been so skeptic!

Instead of shouting out with glee,

I’m frozen with thoughts so hectic.


The angel’s stretching out its hand,

“Come, dear … on Earth you’re not yet done!

Come with me … you must understand

that your chances are close to none!”


My heart suggests to take its hand …

my mind is yet another case.

What should I do … where I’m to stand?

On which side should I play my ace!?


Hark … from my world another voice,

mesmerizing like a mermaid’s.

Attraction’s big … I have no choice …

I have to rush before it fades.


It’s coming from the home I know,

from whence the angel’s taking me.

I hear it clear, though it’s so low …

to my dilemma it’s the key.


Now compelled to go no farther,

I choose where I’m last invited;

“Farewell mother!  Farewell father!

Someday we’ll be reunited …”


©Marie G. – A Modern Divine Comedy

4 thoughts on “Back to Life

    1. Whilst excusing myself for my late reply, I thank you so much for your kind comment and for joining me in my thoughts, conveyed in whichever way they come out! It’s most heartwarming finding people who can relate and who appreciate!

      Liked by 1 person

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