Seashell Lampshade


At last!  It’s done!  Seven and a half hours in total, spread over two days, to end up with this lampshade for my son’s bedroom, which we’re filling up little by little trying to stick with the nautical theme!

We did look around for ready-made ones in stores but nothing actually matched up to my son’s liking!  So, having had an old lampshade hidden away and always waiting for me to liven it up, and after enjoying collecting and buying a few packets of seashells … voilà!  Some silicone glue (which also acted as a good filler for the cavities of the shells) and painstaking patience, plus a bit of precision, and we ended up with what we wanted at only a fraction of the price of what it might have originally cost us!  And, it’s custom made!  Of course, you have to be some kind of a masochist like me to spend all those hours trying to stick different shapes of seashells in at the right angles, but can we really say “no” to our children!?  With the right motivation, and those extra pairs of helping hands, it could be done!