A Nostalgic Throwback to my Earlier Cake Decorating Days

A year ago from now has been quite an exceptional season during which I had the honour to make and create novelty cakes for many persons dear to me whose feedback was priceless!  I’m regularly being reminded about those pieces so it’s kind of hard to literally erase my past days as a cake decorator from my mind, they having played such an important and significant part in my life.

Some good memories, which I’d like to randomly share with you.  I really cannot show them all but almost all of the cakes I’ve done in the past could be seen in the active slideshow on the main Page of my blog, starting from the ones from when I was a complete novice to the most perfected!  I was completely self-taught so, at the end, it was a great satisfaction for me … a great means with which I could express my creativity and artistic side whilst earning that little something!  Please do feel free to acquire some ideas! 🙂

Tanka #2

A picture of one of my dream houses I took in the beautiful and enchanting Mahon, Spain  …  I couldn’t but personify it!


above the sky blue

below the blue of the sea

sole reflection reigns

odd to the eyes of many

uniqueness envied by most

©Marie G. – A Modern Divine Comedy

Accepting nature’s invitation to go outdoors when this month of February is so forgiving!

Grabbing the opportunity that this month of February is temporarily giving us by providing such an unexpectedly beautiful weather, and overcoming the urge of staying comfy indoors at that moment in your weekend when you’d wish nothing else but rest and take it easy, is definitely the best decision to take, even if the day doesn’t manifest itself as being a good one from the very start!  Forget all the usual preparations regarding food, etc … just chuck water, both hot and cold in case you would like to have some tea or coffee afterwards :), together with some sealed goodies and the ever-oh-so-most important first-aid kit in your backpack, drag your loved ones with you (or be dragged!) and off you go!

I just wish to share with you a normal day spent amidst the already awakening nature whilst still waiting for spring to come.  With temperatures at 18°C (64.4°F), and only the crisp north wind to dither perfection, the circumstances just can’t have you saying no to do some trekking!  We don’t have a lot of greenery in the central area of our island but when you drive just for a brief period of time in order to reach any edge that touches the Mediterranean sea what you’ll see below is what you’ll find! 🙂  Just close your eyes and inhale … poetry without words and pure air thrusting itself right into your nostrils, enough to blow away any burdening thought!  Come with me through these unedited pictures, which purposely reflect the true colours of the day, to one of the loveliest and highest parts of the Maltese city of Mellieha …


Maltese garrigue and thyme bushes
St. Agatha’s Tower


Peeping into a crevice with my heart in my mouth  …
A cuppa tea with a traditional honey ring and everyone’s happy!  No recipe here this time, cause I bought these yummy honey rings ready made, but I’ll gladly find and send the recipe to anyone that might be interested!
Nothing better than sipping beer at the beach facing the sea!


So, yesterday started on a sad note … the day before the one I commemorate my dear Dad’s second birthday from his absence and a day on which my body-energy battery was marking near flat … but it turned out to be quite a pleasant one, after all!

Only one thing … as we were driving back home, apathy returning as I was thinking about the long week that I had to face, we passed right ahead of a fatal accident, which unfortunately, left a motorcyclist dead straight on impact.  At that moment, apart from feeling guilty about my grumpiness towards the insignificant, I couldn’t but help feeling blessed to have a home and the usual problems to return to … yesterday was a day that wanted me to feel alive!

A Second Tribute to all the Hard-working Souls behind Maltese Carnival Floats

Months of manual and meticulous toil … works and masterpieces of art!  A big THANK YOU to all those involved!  The weather forecast wasn’t looking that good at first but, thankfully, it came around!  I couldn’t help sharing these other pictures!