Marbled Hard-boiled Eggs


Colourful, marbled hard-boiled eggs that can also be stuffed with your favourite stuffing.  Ideal to entertain kids and also as a pretty appetizer on Easter Day or on any other occasion!

I know that there are many versions of these found on the web but it’s been a while since I wished to try this experiment and give it a go!  I love everything that’s stained glass or marble so maybe that’s why these are so appealing to my eyes, apart from my arty side!  So here goes!

For this experiment I only used 4 eggs but any amount can be used according to how many you’d wish to have.

The trickiest part for me was peeling the eggs, as they were freshly bought, hence making it more difficult to remove the shell pieces, which tend to remain stuck without making an indentation when trying to remove them!  The green one at the top right of my picture is a perfect example of a stubborn egg!  This notwithstanding, I was very pleased with my first attempt! 🙂

Items needed:


Food colouring (I used the paste version in this one)

Containers to dye the eggs in



Put the eggs in a pan large enough to hold them all and to cover them completely with cold water.  Bring to a rolling boil whilst leaving the pan uncovered, cover the pan and turn off the heat.  Leave in the covered pan for around 17 minutes and not less.  Rinse immediately under cold water until good to handle.


Tap the eggs gently on your work surface to form cracks all around, paying a bit of attention not to have any shell pieces fall off as much as possible.  Don’t worry if there’d be some tiny bits (as shown in the picture below) … they’d add to the feature … but it’s better to avoid big, empty spots, which would then result in large blobs of colour after tinting.


Fill a number of containers, according to how many colours you would like to have, with water, enough to cover the eggs completely.  Drop small amounts of food colouring until your desired colour tone is reached … the darkest the better but then not that dark that it resembles black!

For mine I used a dark tone of green and red and two large, glass jars.  But bowls, or any other suitable container whatsoever, could be used.


Immerse the eggs gently in the containers (using a tablespoon to slide them in would be of much help) and leave to soak in the colour for 30 minutes.  Rinse the eggs well under running water.

Carefully, remove the shell, hopefully not having those kind of eggs at hand that would give you a hard time like the ones I had, and voilà!

Now, you can either leave them whole or cut in half, scoop the yolks and fill them with your favourite stuffing!


Enjoy the fun!

Seashell Lampshade


At last!  It’s done!  Seven and a half hours in total, spread over two days, to end up with this lampshade for my son’s bedroom, which we’re filling up little by little trying to stick with the nautical theme!

We did look around for ready-made ones in stores but nothing actually matched up to my son’s liking!  So, having had an old lampshade hidden away and always waiting for me to liven it up, and after enjoying collecting and buying a few packets of seashells … voilà!  Some silicone glue (which also acted as a good filler for the cavities of the shells) and painstaking patience, plus a bit of precision, and we ended up with what we wanted at only a fraction of the price of what it might have originally cost us!  And, it’s custom made!  Of course, you have to be some kind of a masochist like me to spend all those hours trying to stick different shapes of seashells in at the right angles, but can we really say “no” to our children!?  With the right motivation, and those extra pairs of helping hands, it could be done!